Currriculum Vitae

Claus Engel-Christensen

Personal Informations

Age: 33 years
Civil status: Married
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Danish (Native), English (Good)

Contact informations

Mobile: +45 30 32 01 15

I started out as backend programmer on desktop applications and has later moved on to become Engineer primarily on the backend, doing everything from analyzing to deployment. Lately it have mostly been web based applications and distributed software design, based on microservices deployed in the cloud. I have also been doing some BI, mostly the ETL process, but also actual cube and reporting work.

I have always strived to acquire new knowledge, which is also visible in my list of skills, and I’m still doing this to ensure I have the right tools to solve the problem in front of me. My ability to search for and understand new technologies and theories, has been a big advantage in understanding new industries and businesses, and getting a better understanding of not only the problem, but also where it comes from and what consequences it have for the company. Often a problem is better solved at the source or by changing processes, than adding new tools to an existing tool stack in a company.

I am a team player, and works well on teams as well as by myself. I have previous teaching experience with both students and IT professionals, which comes in handy when explaining solutions or technologies to colleagues or customers. I am always open for a constructive discussion to ensure the best end result, and I am open for new challenges, both within technologies I allready have knowledge of or completely new ones.


Diplomas can be send on request

2006 – 2008 Datamatiker AK
School: DMU-syd in Nykøbing F.
Subjects: Computer architecture and operatingsystems, Informationstechnology (Knowledge of business), Reliable systemprogramming, Software Architecture and distributed programs, Softwaredesign, Software Construction, Game Programming, Software Development Methods and UML design, XML.
2003 – 2006 HTX Graduate
School: HTX in Nykøbing F.
Subjects: Biology, Danish, Electrical Circuits, English, Physics, Chemistry, IT and Communication, Mathematics
1992 – 2003 Primary School Graduate
School: Primary School in Holeby
Subjects: Danish, English, German, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, History, Socialstudies, Geography, Arts, Gymnastics, Cooking, Music
Current Job
2009 – Casalogic A/S
Position: Development Consultant, BI Consultant, Senior Software Engineer
Work Description: As a development consultant I helped customers within different industries create custom software solutions. I also helped with the actual implementation of theese solutions and automatic build and deployment to their test systems, production environments. During this time I got a lot of insight into different industries and their challenges, such as insurance, health care, electricity supply, online sales, vacation home rental, etc.

Later on I got to work with Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing. Here my primary task has been designing the ETL, Datasources and Reports, but I have also been working with data analyzing and cube building. I am still working actively with Datawarehousing on a SaaS platform.

The last year I have functioned as Senior Software Engineer on a SaaS generic billing system, with tasks such as communicating and understanding the customers challenges. Writing specifications, estimating, designing, and reviewing code from the development team. I have also been daily team lead for a small team of developers and part of the tech lead team tasked with maintaing and improving/extending the technical platform and the visions for its future.

Former Jobs
2008 CEUS
Position: Student Assistant
Work Description: I was lucky to be part a project to design a new danish bachelor education with the title “Bachelor of Game Architecture and Design”. I was part of the research team looking into new technologies and theories within the gaming industry. I was also part of the group who did the actual choosing of subjects and their weights in the final curriculum for the education.
Notes: The danish Ministry of Educations rejected our proposal to create the new education, with the argument that there wasn’t enough collaboration with the actual Danish gaming industry as part of the education.
2008 CEUS
Position: Student Assistant
Work Description: I was running a Java programming workshop (which is called, as I wasn’t officially a teacher) for HTX students. Were they learned the basics of programming, based on the Java language, as well as basic network communication, through a project were they had to code their own chat client for an IRC server.
2002 – 2008 Various
Position: Freelance Programmer
Work Description: While studying I did some freelance work as a backend developer on different projects such as System Surveillance and Logging systems in Python, Simple Data Storage Systems in Turbo Pascal, External Backup Cloud Systems and Payroll Systems in C++.

Below is a list of some of the skills i possess and the level I think I have in the given skill. The levels go from 1 to 5, where 1 = limited experience, 2 = some experience, 3 = average experience, 4 = above average experience and 5 = one of my core skills.

Operating Systems Level
Debian 3
Kubuntu 3
Ubuntu 4
Red Hat 4
Fedora 5
Linux Mint 3
Windows 2000 3
Windows XP 4
Windows Vista 3
Windows 7 3
Windows 8 4
Windows 10 3
Programming Languages Level
Ada 2
C 2
C++ 2
C# 3
Clojure 5
Cobol 2
Delphi 2
Fortran 1
J2SE 5
J2EE 4
JavaScript 4
Python 2
Spark 2
Turbo Pascal 2
Business Intelligence Level
Mondrian Schema Workbench 3
PDI – Kettle 4
BI Server 3
Report Designer 2
Metadata Editor 2
Design Studio 2
Data Formats Level
Queues Level
Amazon SQS 2
Beanstalkd 2
IronMQ 3
RabbitMQ 4
Software Development Methods Level
Evo 1
Extreme Programming 3
Kanban 3
SAFe 2
Scrum 3
Unified Process 2
Waterfall 2
Version Control Level
Git 5
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 1
Subversion 3
Databases/Data store Level
Neo4j 3
MariaDB 4
MongoDB 4
OracleDB 2
Postgresql 3
Redis 3
Design Level
UML Diagrams
Activity Diagram 4
Class Diagram 5
Object Diagram 4
Package Diagram 4
State Machine Diagram 4
UseCase Diagram 4
ER Diagram 4
Frameworks/Tools Level
GitHub 5
GitLab 4
Jenkins 2
JUnit 3
Laravel 5
Leiningen 5
Lumen 3
Luminus 3
Microsoft Visual Studio 2
Netbeans IDE 3
PHPStorm 3
PHPUnit 5
Postman 5

I’m living together with my wife, two children and our cat, just outside Vordingborg in the southern part of Zealand.

Other than sitting in front of my computer designing/programming, I spend time with my family, and I am also the prime example of a
nerd of my generation, using my spare time on Board Games, Console Games, Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer.